Coronavirus notice 16 March 2020

Dear Church members ...

I am aware that we are all being bombarded with information and advice about COVID19 (coronavirus) but we will try to keep you up to date on church related issues. As the guidance changes we will need to react week by week. Following today's staff team meeting we have made the decision to pull back on non-essential activities. As a result ...

The Lent Course will be cancelled with immediate effect. So there will be no meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 17th March).

Home groups, as a formal gathering, are asked to cease meeting. I would however encourage home group members to maintain their support for each other by keeping in touch and praying for one another, especially the more vulnerable members of the group.

Today's meeting of Smilers (our toddler/carers group) will be the last one until further notice.

Other activities planned for this week will continue as normal but I will issue an update on next week once we have worked out what will and won't be happening.

It is the ministry teams desire to keep some aspects of public worship, pastoral care, and church life going during the coming weeks (or months) and we will keep you updated as best we can. If you have any concerns please contact the church office or a member of the ministry team - remember a phone call is always virus-proof!

Yours in Christ